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January/February 2021 | Muedanyi Ramantswana

DJI AGRAS T20 spray drone

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What is it?
The AGRAS T20 is a drone from DJI which has the ability to spray autonomously on a variety of terrains. The drone is operated by using the programmable Agras Smart Controller 2.0 and the DJI Agras app.

What are its capabilities
The drone has a carrying capacity of 20 litres and can cover 12 hectares per hour. The T20 has a four-channel electromagnetic flow meter and eight nozzles coupled to high volume pumps that facilitate spraying at a rate of 6 L/min. The T20 allows users to set flight and operation parameters easily. Furthermore, precision spraying is possible with the built-in RTK centimeter-level positioning system, RTK dongles, centimeter-level waypoint recording features enabled.

In addition to the strong spraying capabilities, the drone has a new spread system 2.0 which enables it to perform other functions such as spreading seeds, fertilizer and other solid materials if required at an application rate of 10kg per minute. For safety, the drone is equipped with an omnidirectional digital radar which enables the drone to detect and automatically circumvent obstacles whilst flying.

Other interesting information about the AGRAS T20 drone is that its:
• portable because of its foldable arms.
• washable
• can be used for various applications during the day and at night

For more information visit DJI website  and drone specifications AGRAS T20 specs