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January/February 2024 | Henny Zitha and Duncan Fryer




Stihl connected is a cloud-based system comprising of hardware and software. The STIHL Smart Connector captures the machines’ usage data, saves it, and transmits the data via Bluetooth to the STIHL connected App on a smartphone or tablet within range. The STIHL connected app stores the incoming machine data and submits it to the STIHL cloud via Wi-Fi or mobile network. The app also provides a quick overview of your machines and their usage data. The STIHL cloud is the central data platform of STIHL connected. All data is subject to data protection policies and is handled and stored securely. The machine data stored in the STIHL cloud is then made available to the customer in the STIHL connected portal for analysis. The connected portal allows for easy management of the entire fleet, e.g. adding or removing power tools, scheduling work, and managing maintenance schedules.

How it works
Image 1 shows an overview of your products when you open the desktop app. This gives the manager a snapshot of all the machines in 1 place, with their runtimes and operational condition.
Image 1: Overview of products on desktop app

Image 2 shows the second stage of the app when filtered to specific machines. This segment of the app shows the machines that are due for maintenance, which will also indicate to the user/manager what maintenance needs to be done on the machine which is based on the running time of the machine.  

Image 2: Filtered app indicating machines due for maintenance.

Image 3 shows the specific machine once selected from the previous image and gone into it to show more details about the machine. When loading machines and adding the connector for the first time it needs to be done from a cell phone with a good data connection, when adding the products you can add warranty periods, pictures of purchase invoices to help you track machines. On the cell phone app., it will show which machines are nearby in the morning prior to going infield so you can make sure everything is in the car.
Image 3: More information of the machine.

The Stihl Connected works on a Bluetooth connection between a cell phone with a data connection and needs to come into contact with the machines that have the device on to download the data. If this does not happen then no data will be visible on the desktop app. The data gets overwritten every 3 days if not downloaded. This will not work as a theft tracker as it does not have its own data connection. The Stihl Connected is designed to assist with maintenance and production tracking.

Benefits of the Stihl connected.
• Minimizing of downtimes and higher machine availability.
• Optimization of daily procedures saves time and reduces costs.
• Transparency of machine locations and statuses.
• An overview of the entire fleet, maintenance requirements, statuses of machines and projects helps to increase efficiency.
• Faster and easier contact with the STIHL specialised dealer.