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September/October 2020 | Muedanyi Ramantswana


Digital Technology


What is it?
The ASTA-system is a documentation system developed by Risutec which shows seedling and soil cultivation locations as well as planting and stand tending areas in real time. ASTA is an Android application that, with the help of a central processing unit and other peripherals such as an antenna, enables a new, more efficient and more transparent forest contracting operation. ASTA is available for download from the Google Play Store. The ASTA system can be installed on all machines moving in the forest. It is connected to the excavator joystick buttons. The most common functions can be preprogramed to suit the contractor's job.

What it does?
The ASTA system provides you with the location, area and density of the cultivated spot. It can also be adapted to ripping (with a time relay module). The system also works for reporting on stump removal and ditching. The system stores the location information of the performed operation, as well as other relevant information that can be connected to it, such as the number of seedlings /roots, density, seedling type and treatment.

Other interesting information
• Can be used as a basis for payment for work done, either by area or by number of seedlings/mounds/pits
• With real-time information, you can react immediately and correct the situation
• ASTA eliminates overcontracting in soil cultivation and planting – simultaneously avoiding waste in seedling logistics
• ASTA completely eliminates post cultivation and planting surveys
• Import shapefile layers and overlay important information on windrows, planting grids, waterways, and more on the map

For more information visit: Risutec 


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