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November/December 2020 | Nontethelelo Ramantswana

BCC FiberCell holders and inserts

Forest Nurseries


Overview BCC holders 
All BCC growing systems are designed to give young forest seedlings and cuttings the best possible start in life with a well-developed root system and rapid infield establishment after planting. All BCC’s containers are manufactured using the highest quality plastic raw material with additives, ensuring a long-life expectancy.

The BCC FiberCell fixed holders collection includes the FC 96-Holder, FC 88-Holder and FC 126-Holder commonly used in forestry. The design of the FiberCell holders assists in preventing root damage and plant shock. BCC FiberCell holders offer optimal ventilation area around the top of the tray between cavities. This ensures increased air flow through canopy of plants which reduces the risk of fungal diseases. Furthermore, the holders have an advance air pruning design resulting in a high proportion of lateral root development and a robust root plug for improved infield survival. The closed sides lower evaporation rates and reduces the edge effect. BCC FiberCell holders have ribs located around the top part to support the FiberCells. The possibility to contract diseases is eliminated as there is no need to take the trays in field which may lead to contamination. Holders are durable and all edges and corners are well rounded off to ensure comfortable handling.

Key features of the FiberCell 96 Holder are as follows:
• outer dimension: 517x350mm
• sidewalls to protect against excessive evaporation
• good drainage and ventilation
• same dimensions as the BCC Insert Frame 96 tray ensures holder fits into current logistic system of customers using this size configuration
• large ventilation areas along sides and top for optimum air pruning and to avoid root bridging
• protected around sides to reduce evaporation and drying out
• 90mm tall to minimise exposure of top part of FiberCell
• large bottom drainage hole
• ribs in top part to support FiberCell to fit snug for automated production
• tray and cavities tapered to allow for 55mm stacking height for efficient transportation
• registered for patent protection (PCT/SE2015/050944)

FiberCell inserts
BCC FiberCell inserts allow growers using BCC IF-128, Unigro98 or Unigro128 trays, to cost-effectively convert their conventional trays to paper holders. The BCC FiberCell insert snap-in design collection includes the FCI30I and FCI30U which are ideal for fast growing species e.g. Eucalyptus and Acacia; and the larger FCI35U for slower growing species e.g. Pines. The snap-in design ensures the inserts remain in the tray, effectively converting a loose tray-insert type holder to a fixed holder for paper growing. Growers therefore do not have to get rid of existing tray stocks if deciding to switch to paper. Should an insert be damaged, it can be removed and replaced – cheaper than to replace complete holders when cavities get damaged.