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May/June 2022 | Nontethelelo Ramantswana

BCC's FiberCell Filling Machines for improved efficiency in the nursery

Forest Nurseries


BCC has acquired the rights to manufacture FiberCell horizontal feeding fillers from a company that used to manufacture previously for Plantpaper. The new horizontal FiberCell filling lines compliment BCC’s containerised forest nursery equipment portfolio. The machine designs incorporate latest technology controls, while being robust and reliable.

What is it?
FiberCell Fillers are available in Semi- and Fully-Automatic configurations. The Fillers are available in different row configurations preparing paperpots with a range from 18-80mm diameter. Length is adjustable. The Fully-Automatic 4-row Filler integrates destacking and feeding of holders, placing and dibbling in one compact machine.

How it works?
The Semi-Automatic FiberCell fillers fold, glue, fill and cut paperpots. The machines are available in different diameter sizes (18-80mm) and adjustable cutting lengths. With these machines, paperpots are placed manually into trays. These machines have a production capacity between 18.000-36.000 per hour. The 2-Row unit is ideal for a start-up project or smaller sized nursery. The 4-Row Fully Automatic FiberCell filler does the same job as the Semi-Automatic with additional functions including automated destacking and feeding of trays, placing of paperpots into trays and dibbling of trays. The placing unit is unique in that it can place cells in different patterns. The 4-Row Fully Automatic machine is geared towards the horticulture market and a preferred choice for larger automated nurseries with adequate technical expertise.

Other interesting information
The Semi-automatic FiberCell are compact and simple to install, set-up, operating and maintaining.The designs are 2 rows, 3 rows and 4 rows. The BCC range of fully automatic Multi-Row FiberCell fillers are geared specifically towards forestry. BCC has installed a number of these lines in South America and Asia to date with more projects in the pipeline for 2022 and 2023.

Specifications of Semi-Automatic FiberCell fillers

                                                                                        Specifications of Fully-Automatic FiberCell filler

For more information visit: BCCfibercell