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January/February 2024 | Muedanyi Ramantswana

First pruning using Husqvarna Pole Pruners

Stand Tending


Pruning is an important stand tending activity in silviculture. The 1st (1.5 – 2.5m) pruning can be conducted for fire protection purposes by improving access to the stand and reducing aerial fuels. As trees grow older, pruning can be conducted to produce clear wood. Manual pruning with hand saws is a labour intensive and slow process, motor manual pruning using pole pruners offers a more efficient alternative. Compared to chainsaws, pole saws are powerful, effective and easy to handle tools that will perform work such as pruning branches in hard-to-reach, high places, plus clear out or through vegetation giving access to work areas beyond. Husqvarna Pole Pruners are effective in bush clearing and first pruning’s in forestry areas where results are showing them to be more efficient than manual hand saws.

Husqvarna pole pruners
Husqvarna has a range of Pole Pruners that vary in cutting height giving one a maximum reach of approximately 5m. All models come in a petrol or battery version.
Pole Pruner features are:
• Magnesium clutch housing
• Intuitive controls
• Efficient two-stage air filter
• Powerful and efficient X-Torque engine
• Chain tensioner
• Chain lubrication
• Rear impact guard
• Metal skid plate

Additional information
All Pole Pruners are running Husqvarna X-Cut Chain with the following key benefits:
• Low Vib Tie-Strap – less vibrations/improved ergonomics
• Lubrication Channel – optimal lubrication to all areas. Reduced maintenance and adjustments = less friction/longer life. Lubrication “Arrow” reservoir which increases overall lubrication to all high friction zones:
    o Improved Design and Durability – engineered for superior performance and precision maximising the pole pruners power and efficiency
    o Cutting Efficiency – cuts faster and more efficiently = better fuel economy. High performance from the out-of-box. Self-feeding = more ergonomic/less effort.
      o Maintaining Sharpness – longer filing intervals. Less maintenance = improved output. Improved cutting performance = more durable/less wear.
• Pre-Stretch – immediate out-of-box performance. Reduced maintenance and adjustments.