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September/October 2020 | Muedanyi Ramantswana


Tree Planting


What is it?

The MP3000 high pressure water planting is a unit which integrates soil preparation and planting activities.

What it does?
The concept involves a hydraulic driven high pressure pump that supplies water to a common HP discharge manifold and then to each line. This High Pressure water jet is directed at 50 to 60 bar pressure through a small diameter nozzle, inside the ANCO HP planting tool, into the soil. The soil is then rapidly displaced and a large mud-puddle cavity is created into which the planting tool is further inserted and a seedling deposited. The key to the operation lies with the unique ANCO High Pressure planting tool. Each planting tool is connected to one of five HP couplings on the MP3000 folding booms. Each planting tool is individually controlled by the operator

The system can be used to plant five rows at a time and it requires the tractor to stop for 10 to 12 seconds every two meters whilst the planting tool operators use the high water pressure to create a pit and plant. The water consumption is estimate at 1.8 litres per seedling. It is estimated that one planter can plant five seedlings per minute. The whole planter operation will typically comprise of a total of 10 people comprising: one tractor driver, five planting tool operators, three seedling carriers and one supervisor.

Other interesting information
This system is more suitable for sandy soils and less suitable for structured soils such as shale, clay or hard rocky soils. Areas planted by this system have show good tree survival. The system is slower than conventional planting methods, however any comparisons to conventional methods need to be done objectively considering that the MP3000 HP includes soil preparation.

For more information visit: ANCO Manufacturing