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May/June 2022 | Muedanyi Ramantswana

Komatsu acquires Bracke Forest



Komatsu Forest AB is in the process of finalising the acquisition of Bracke AB which is owned by Cranab AB, which is part of Fassi group. Both companies made the announcement on the 17th of June 2022. The process of acquiring Bracke AB by Komatsu is scheduled to be completed by the 1st of July 2022 on condition that all necessary procedures are concluded.

This acquisition can be seen a step in the right direction in efforts to improved mechanised silviculture operations. Both organisations have been involved in manufacturing in forestry, with Bracke Forest focusing on soil preparation equipment for forest regeneration and other specialised equipment in the northern hemisphere whilst Komatsu has more recently taken a keen interested in the growing market of mechanised silviculture. In the recent past, both companies have collaborated in producing and testing forest equipment such as the KOMATSU D61EM PLANTER. According to Komatsu, the company will continue to incorporate Bracke’s technologies and expertise in the field of planting in order to accelerate its pace of mechanization of all processes other than harvesting and forwarding, which have already been mechanized.

A focus on silviculture operations, more especially planting technologies is expected to increase going into the near future. The growing need to improve planting efficiency and reduce costs whilst improving growth yields will drive efforts to modernise these silvicultural operations. Within forestry we can expect acquisitions such as these to occur as various companies seek to leverage from each other’s key competencies and better meet the needs of forest growers globally.

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