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January/February 2022 | Nontethelelo Ramantswana

Manual planting with Pottiputki –planting tube

Tree Planting


The Pottiputki planting tube is well known for its simplicity, good ergonomic features, and efficiency when planting. The first planting tube – Pottiputki – was designed and manufactured by a Finnish company in the late 1960s and entered the market in 1970 after which BCC proudly continued the development and refining work of the original Pottiputki.

What is it?
The Pottiputki - planting method is one of the manual planting tools used in plantations. One of the Pottiputki features is the improved ergonomics where the planter carries the plants in a box (plastic kidney or cardboard), bag or tray around the waist and plant in an upright position. Therefore, planters are able to work productively and in a comfortable position. The Pottiputki tubes are available in different diameter sizes and compatible with various sizes of containerized seedlings and is designed to work with the Pottiputki Handling Systems. The handling system was designed by BCC by working closely with the forestry industry in order to supply a product that could balance the seedling holding capacity and the planting capacity. The plant box is designed to hold various types of seedlings and sizes.
How it works?
The process begins with the planter taking a new seedling with the free hand and identifying a transplanting site while moving forward. The planting tube works by pushing the tube into the ground and stepping on the limiter until the appropriate depth is achieved. Thereafter, the planter steps on the opening pedal to open the jaws and then drop the seedling into the tube. The planter then lifts the tube out of the ground with a twisting motion to loosen any soil and tamps the seedling firmly into the ground with the feet on either side. The jaws are closed by using the release lever.

Other interesting information

Advantages using the Pottiputki:

• Suitable for planting most containerized seedlings (several tube diameters).
• Ergonomically correct working position.
• Adjustable planting depth.
• Light and comfortable for extended infield use.
• Fitted with designed handle; both single and double handles are available.
• Rubber coated handle fitted with damping spring.
• Jaws are oil-hardened.
• Sturdy and robust construction.

For more information visit: Pottiputki  and  bccab 

Eradispray is the official distributor of Pottiputki products in South Africa.
Please feel free to contact Nicole Strydom (033-3461558, for more details.