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January/February 2021 | Muedanyi Ramantswana

Mechanical delimbing using the advaligno PATAS machine

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For many years, pruning also known as delimbing has been a labour intensive and strenuous activity. Traditionally, a tree pruner carries a short or long handle pruning saw/ knife to cut out branches on trees, thereby improving the timber quality and grade. For high pruning, ladders may be required to improve the worker’s reach. The advaligno PATAS system replaces the manual and ergonomically unfriendly activity with a safer and more efficient tool.

What is it?

The advaligno PATAS mechanical delimber is a compact tool designed for delimbing various plantation forest trees (e.g. Pines, Eucalyptus, Teak, Larches, Spruces, Poplars and Douglas firs). Only two people are required to operate the system. The delimbing head is transported easily by using a folding table to facilitate the cranking of the hose reel.

What it does?

The delimber is equipped with a uniquely designed hydraulically driven head responsible for delimbing standing trees by going up and down the tree. The cutting head has pneumatically adjustable cutting blade pressure as well as special knives which make a clean cut. The drive belts ensure that minimal pressure is applied on the tree bark to avoid causing damage and deep wounds on the trees.

Productivity and other specifications

It is estimated that the PATAS system can delimb 40 to 60 trees per hour in European plantation conditions. The delimbing head travels at a speed of 4 m/s and it takes about 8 seconds to delimb a 12-meter tree. The PATAS machine can delimb trees between 12 to 15 meters and 12cm (min at top) to 25cm (max at bottom) in height and diameter respectively. The PATAS system is compatible with normal tractors. The tractor requirements are provided in the technical specifications attached.

Other interesting information 

The PATAS machine comes with a display panel which shows hydraulic and pneumatic pressure, various control and setting elements, operating hours counter and emergency stop for remote control

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