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May/June | Muedanyi Ramantswana

Mechanised planting with the M-160R planting head

Tree Planting


What is it?
The M-planter M-160R is a one-headed planting tool which has the ability to create a mound, rip, plant, fertilize and water a seedling at planting. This type of head of one of the available planting options from M-planter and it is more suited for the southern hemisphere forest conditions.

How the machine is configured?
The planting head has an enforced structure made of steel and it comes standard with a seedling capacity of 160 seedlings. Additional features include a ripper which has a ripping range of 700 – 900mm. Furthermore, the unit comes with a fertilizer system for one or two granular fertilizers as well as a watering system for the planted seedlings. A mounding claw and spade to clear harvesting residue in and around the planting position come as standard features on the planting head as well.

How it works?
In a forward motion the planting head spade clears the soil surface of any residues and on the return motion the ripper digs into the soil to prepare the planting position. When the head returns to the upright position it lands on the prepared soil surface (e.g. mound) where the seedling is planted at a depth of 120/150mm or it can be fixed at 200mm. Depending on the seedling spacing the planting machine can plant multiple lines and rows from a single position. The operational productivity achieved by the users of the planting head is influenced by factors such as operator experience, work method (e.g. rip and plant or rip, mound and plant) and terrain (ground roughness and slope). When conducting ripping and planting only on a moderate sites the average productivity is 160 seedlings per hour (including support functions such as reloading seedlings).

Other interesting information
The planting head can be equipped with additional optional features such as:
- Herbicide/pesticide/insecticide spray system.
- GPS-system (Forest Plant Pro Forsilvitech article)
- Hydro-gel system (dispenses hydro-gel to the soil)
When planting on steep terrain M-planter recommends the installation of a coupler tilt for excavator.

Excavator-based machine specifications
M-160R is used with excavator and from excavator it requires following:
- Electrically control hydraulics.
- Around min 20-ton excavator
- One pressure line with 170 bars pressure and 100 l/min flow.
- One tank line for the return oil.
- One button from the control joysticks (total of 3 if the planter is equipped with coupler tilt).
For more information visit M-planter