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March/April 2022 | Saulo Guerra

Morooka / FMCopling forestry tractor – 12m boom sprayer field evaluation

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On our previous article  the Morooka-fmcopling-spraying-forestry-tractor was introduced to the Forsilvitech readers for the first time globally. For background information about the machine, follow the embedded link. In 2021, field evaluations were carried out using only a 12-meter boom sprayer in forestry sites with different soil conditions, weed and silviculture status – comprising 120 ha.

Summary of the findings from the evaluations
According to the initial report, using a 12m boom sprayer, it was possible to apply a regular average of 16m width herbicide in the total area before eucalypt planting. This operation applied a pre-and post-emergence herbicide before planting. The tractor travelled a maximum working speed of 3.5 km h-1 with spray volume application of 350 l ha-1 from a 4 000L water tank. The operational efficiency was very positive for this 120 ha field evaluation, being 70%, and the theoretical field capacity (maximum machine productivity based on data collected) reached up to 6.9 ha h-1. Only 10% of the total operational time was used on machine or sprayer maintenance, revealing a positive scenario and few improvements to be implemented. Almost 50% of the maintenance time was consumed to fix the sprayer and its boom, and 25% was related to base machine hydraulics hoses/connections and pump failure or leakages due to higher temperatures in the tropical zone or accidents, 23% was dedicated to set up the GPS system and only 2% for preventive maintenance. Since this field evaluation was not a consolidated operational routine, the effective field capacity (machine productivity) reached up to 2.2 ha h-1, mainly due to auxiliary time (water refilling time, waiting supply products, and mechanical/technical support).