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May/June 2024 | Saulo Guerra and Muedanyi Ramantswana

Overview of eucalypt plantation in Brazil



The booklet initiative 

The booklet provides an overview of eucalypt plantation forestry in Brazil. It was compiled by Amanda Castanho Albuquerque, Dr Guilherme Oguri, Beatriz Zerbinato Balista, Dr Muedanyi Ramantswana and Prof. Saulo Philipe Sebasti√£o Guerra. The publication forms part of collaboration efforts between UFSCar, IPEF, UNESP and Nelson Mandela University.

Booklet content

The booklet is a concise publication that focuses on the eucalypt planted area, forest cycle, different silviculture operations undertaken, main species planted, and general information related to genetic compositions.

The publication also illustrates the characteristics of a good eucalyptus seedling, substrates used for seedling production, and nursery practices involved in producing eucalypt seedlings. Furthermore, the booklet describes the prominent pests and diseases that exist in nurseries and fields. The prevalent Brazilian conditions in terms of climate, soils, landform, and slope conditions are also described in the booklet.

Users of the booklet
Academics, researchers, forest managers, consultants, machine manufacturers, and stakeholders interested in forestry practices in Brazil will find the booklet useful in providing easy access and consolidated information about eucalypt plantations.

You can use the link below to download a copy of publication: