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September/October 2020 | Saulo Guerra

Survey of Brazil's Mechanization Level in Silviculture



IPEF, through its Cooperative Program on Forest Mechanization and Automation (PCMAF), released the findings from a study called "Survey of Mechanization Level in Silviculture". THe goal of the study was provide information to decision makers about the status of mechanization in Brazil. The survey was based on information supplied by nine forestry companies affiliated to the program. Data was collected by using interviews and by using a software program called PCMApp. After collecting the data, it was sent to the companies for validation.

The results of the study showed that soil preparation had the highest level of mechanisation, whilst planting and irrigation were the least mechanised activities amongst the affiliated companies. The report was well received by various company representatives who found the information valuable to determining trends and investment opportunities. The authors of survey report are Dr S Guerra, Dr G Oguri and Ms S Henrique Maschetti.

The general report, containing the compilation of information from all companies, is now available at IPEF