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January/February 2022 | Henny Zitha

Track weeding operations with the STA logger



The STA logger is an automated GPS and data logging attachment designed to integrate with existing weed control tools. The purpose of STA logger is to record the metrics that are important to forestry, land management and conservation industries. It is designed with the goal of mapping every weed that was sprayed during routine conservation work. It creates an efficiency in following up persistent weed infestations, but also provides data to analyse weeding trends. The STA logger gives the manager the ability to track or trace where the weeding team has been and can use the reporting system function to analyse the patterns. This tool gives the manager the control with an efficient way of collating data which reduce operators’ inefficiencies and improve the reporting to clients, funding bodies and managers.
How does the STA logger work?
The STA logger is a clip-on device which is connected to the spray equipment for example a knap sack (backpack) with an integrated switch system fixed to the trigger. Tracking takes place automatically once the STA logger is awakened by pressing on the trigger, the location where is then mapped as one works, meaning no additional inputs are required. On the handle (solo shut off valve / Tee jet attachment) of the knapsack there is a 3-way toggle switch which can be used to group and categorise weeds if more than one species of weeds is sprayed. As the spraying takes place, it reports the activities thereby helping supervisors and managers coordinate their teams and makes all data available in an easy-to-use GIS platform – it is a “map and treat in one”. The STA logger also works for high-volume applications such as vehicle mounted sprays units, ATV’s and UTV’s. The STA logger can also be used for tree inventory purposes which replaces traditional survey on stand density.
Data capturing and analysis
After the weeding is complete the STA logger is removed from the backpack and plugged to charge the battery where it will automatically search for its home Wi-Fi network and begin uploading the data to the cloud. The data will be processed overnight and delivered straight back to the reporting portal where it can be downloaded and filtered in the most convenient way for the user through Microsoft excel or google sheets.
Current actions
The STA logger will release a firmware version 2.0 this quarter which will be able to program alias for the switch settings to represent weed names for example 1-Blackberry, 2-Thistle etc. The web-based administrative control over the settings of the units will be remotely configured. The version 2.0 will be able to swap a unit from high-volume applications to backpack and vice versa and use the device as stand along mapping unit independently of a spray device. The GPS accuracy and parts durability will be improved and lastly the upcoming designs are going to be smaller and lighter in weight.

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